The history of the Marinduque State College accounts that “Marinduque State College (MSC) had its beginning in 1953 when Republic Act No. 805 authored by then-Congressman Panfilo M. Manguera, was signed into law by the late President Elpidio Quirino instituting the establishment of the Marinduque School of Arts and Trades (MSAT) in Tanza, Boac, Marinduque. The school was on two levels of education up to 1975; the Two-Year Technical Education and the Four-Year Secondary Curricula.

            In the school year 1975 – 76 DECS Order No. 28, s. 1975 authorized the school to offer the four-year Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology (BSIT) curriculum. On the second endorsement of the Secretary of Education, the school was further permitted to offer the Bachelor in Industrial Education (BSIE) curriculum in the School Year 1978-79.

            On April 8, 1983 Batas Pambansa Blg. 377 filed by the Honorable Carmencita O. Reyes was signed into law by President Ferdinand E. Marcos converting the MSAT into the Marinduque Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) providing opportunities to expand its curricular offerings. Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) was opened in Boac Campus and MIST established its Torrijos Campus offering Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Fishery, Trade Technical Education, and Secondary Education.

            Cong. Carmencita O. Reyes again filed a bill and authored Republic Act No. 6833 changing the name of Marinduque Institute of Science and Technology to Marinduque State College; effective January 5, 1990. In her desire to extend the college’s service to Marinduqueños, Cong. Reyes again authored Republic Act No. 7319 which was approved on March 30, 1992, making MSC more accessible to the people. The school was established in Pinggan, Gasan; the School of Agriculture in Poctoy, Torrijos was institutionalized and the former Marinduque Community College, thus, establishing the fours campuses in Poblacion and Matalaba, Sta. Cruz, Poctoy, Torrijos, and Pinggan, Gasan.

            In 1994, the MSC Torrijos campus was a recipient of a grant by the Austrian government through the Austrian International Development Assistance Bureau (AIDAB) to support the AGRITECH PROJECT. Torrijos campus is the five-year development of entrepreneurship–oriented agricultural curriculum, the Diploma in Agricultural Technology and Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (DAT-BAT).    

The establishment of the School of Fisheries is mandated by RA 7319 to be established at Gasan. However, it was relocated to Barangay Banuyo, Gasan due to the unavailability of suitable sites at the Barangay Pinggan. The relocation was approved through the leadership and relentless efforts, firstly, of Cong. Carmencita O. Reyes; secondly, by Hon. Ulysses Ituralde, Mayor of Gasan together with the Sangguniang Bayan Members passing and approving SB Resolution No. 94-57 which strongly favored the Relocation of the School of Fisheries to Banuyo, and finally, through the letter of appeal of Prof. Atilano H. Menora the Officer-In-Charge to his Excellency Fidel V. Ramos, President of the Philippines Republic which was approved on April 26, 1995.